Bleav in The Comedy Bureau Field Report
1. Ian Abramson and Weird Times 1. Ian Abramson and Weird Times

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The first episode of The Comedy Bureau Field Report, a nice, neat rundown of comedy news (and news about nothing else), with Comedy Bureau founder and director Jake Kroeger is finally here and features its first guest co-host Ian Abramson. Thus far, while sheltering at home, Ian has done two entire ambitious, amazing episodes of Saturday Night Quarantine, a version of SNL all by himself. Also, we talk the times that comedy is living in, comedy fundraisers that have sprung up over night like Comedy Gives Back’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, David Venhuizen’s new album, Three Busy Debras, Confronting Demons with Megan Stalter, and where comedy livestreaming might lead us to when all of this is over.

Watch Saturday Night Quarantine on Saturdays at 8:30PM PST at Ian’s Twitch, follow The Comedy Bureau @thecomedybureau across platforms and please, please support TCB’s GoFundMe.

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