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Bleav in Betting on Los Angeles

Like to bet on your Los Angeles teams? Listen in as SuperContest winner Chris Lewert and expert Sam Maxwell bring you the latest lines, info, and betting tips on the Rams, Chargers, USC, UCLA, Dodgers, Angels, Lakers, Clippers and more!


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Fading or Riding Momentum

Join Sam and Chris on their second outing together as they discuss fading/riding the Dodgers and Angels post all-star break run. As well as thoughts on if Melvin Gordon deserves a new contract, or if Todd Gurley poisoned the well for paying big cash to RBs. Plus, learn how Chris found out getting bit by … Continued

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Betting for Value

Sam Maxwell and Chris Lewert discuss the origins of 2017 Super Contest Gold Champions Stag Capital, trying to find value over trying to find winners, and which NBA teams fit that mold. Sam and Chris also discuss why Los Angeles sports are fun no matter if you cheer for the Lakers or the Clippers.

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Host Info

Sam Maxwell and Chris Lewert

Sam Maxwell is a 2012 graduate from the University of Wisconsin.  After working in sports TV production with no real skin in the game, Sam felt determined to find a better way to consume sports, have fun, and make money doing it!  Having competitively placed wagers for nearly two decades, Sam is an expert in Los Angeles sports. He lives in Culver City, CA with his girlfriend Anastasiya and his dog Dexter.