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Bleav in Bass Fishing

Bleav in Bass Fishing is hosted by Thom Abraham, host of the syndicated “Bassmaster Radio” show, and a long time veteran or Sports Talk and Outdoors Radio. The Podcast features professional anglers talking about major tournaments and a “How too” segment each week. Many of the biggest names in Fishing Television appear on the show as well, such as Jimmy Houston, Bill Dance and Roland Martin, as well as some of the greatest anglers in the country, sharing their fishing wisdom. From boat set up, to tournament strategy to how to have more fun and success on the lake, it’s all covered on “Bleav in Bass Fishing”!

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Bleav in Bass Fishing

Thom Abraham has been a lifetime member of BASS since 1981, and is a veteran tournament fisherman, and outdoors radio host.  In 2005, he began “Bass, Buck and Duck Radio” in North Alabama on 1 radio station, and after moving to Nashville is 2007, renamed the show “Southern Bass Radio” as the show grew to 7 affiliates, and focused primarily on recreational and professional bass fishing, featuring many of the top professional anglers in the nation.  In 2017, the show was syndicated to over 130 stations and renamed “Bassmaster Radio”.  Thom continues to fish competitively on the Bassmaster Opens Series, along with many regional and charity events.