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Bleav in Box Office

Trevor Newlin breaks down the latest news from the business/financial side of the film industry.

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Jokes on who?

In this episode of the “Box Office” Trevor gives his review of two films he saw over the past two weeks Joker and El Camino. He also takes a look at a brand new top 10 films of the week, and peels back the financial mask of the new number #1 movie!

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Breaking into the Abbey?

In this episode of the “Box Office” Trevor takes a look at the new trailer for El Camino the Breaking Bad Movie set to hit theaters and Netflix in October. He breaks down the crazy weekend of movie shifts in the top 10, and dives into the new #1 movie in the box office!

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Floating to the top?

In this episode of the “Box Office” Trevor brings you even more news in regards to the Spider-Man split. He takes a look at the top 10 films of the week and how they have been performing throughout the summer. And breaks down the new number #1 movie in the box office this week!

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Trevor Newlin

Originally from the Lone Star state, Trevor Newlin is a producer, host, actor, voice actor, and presenter. Now residing in Los Angeles, Trevor is a film and television aficionado who lives and breathes Hollywood. A music enthusiast as well, you can also hear his music tastes Thursdays on