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Bleav in Chef’s Special

Join host Patrick Honeywell as he brings you tips and info on all your favorite foods with guests' interviews from all sorts of names in the culinary industry. Bleav in the Chef's Special!

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Holiday Pie Tips With Tish Boyle

Patrick interviews Tish Boyle. Tish is the Managing Editor of Pastry Arts Magazine, an experienced food writer, pastry chef and recipe developer. She is also an award winning cookbook author, having written 10 cookbooks specializing in desserts! Tish is a graduate of Smith College and La Varenne École de Cuisine in Paris. Her adventures include … Continued

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Omelet Recipes: Styles, Techniques and Fillings for Your Next Breakfast or Brunch

Patrick and long time friend, Chef Rick Boufford discuss the Omelet! Styles, techniques, fillings for breakfast, brunch and hey – why not dinner? Rick goes over a traditional French Omelette, Italian Frittata, Spanish Omelette/Tortilla and the American Omelet. The traditional pan used, filling options in or on top of the omelet, or none at all! … Continued

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Goat Bolognese with Brandon Walker

Patrick interviews Chef Brandon Walker, Chef and Owner of Essie’s Restaurant in Poughkeepsie, New York. On today’s podcast, Brandon guides us through his step by step process in making his signature Goat Bolognese at home. This innovative recipe, a fusion of Italian, Jamaican and Moroccan flavors, is reflective of Brandon’s heritage and deep culinary history! … Continued

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Brown Butter Macadamia Nut Tart

Pastry Chef Patrick Honeywell talks about pastry recipes evolving over time and how, through collaboration with other chefs, bakers and home cooks, enhancements and improvements can be made to the recipes we enjoy making. In this podcast, Patrick shares his recipe for a Brown Butter Macadamia Nut Tart. Music courtesy of John Heussenstamm, all rights … Continued

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Host Info

Patrick Honeywell

Patrick Honeywell has over 20 years of experience in the Food and Pastry Industry. Formerly served as Pastry Chef for Westin Hotels and Resorts where he assisted in new hotel openings and creating pastries and providing recipes for the cookbook, “Food and Wine the Westin Way.”

As Corporate Chef for Le Chef Wholesale, Patrick heads up the R&D and new product development departments, provides company product training, sales and marketing classes and seminars.

Patrick works closely with food industry experts- Las Vegas Casino Pastry Chefs, Hotel Chefs, European and American Consulting Chefs, Master Artisan bakers. Working together, sharing each others passion ideveloping new products and menus.