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Bleav in GCU

Hosts Jack O'Hara and Kyle Borg are here to give you an inside look into GCU athletics!

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Jack O'Hara & Kyle Borg

Jack O’Hara is a Sports Journalism Major at Grand Canyon University with a minor in Film. A New Jersey native, he grew up a passionate sports fan with the aspirations of getting into sports broadcasting at the age of 10. Since arriving in Phoenix as a student, Jack has served as a Play by Play Broadcaster for all Division-1 GCU Sports teams, including Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer! He has also launched a Podcast called “The O’SHOW” with Belly Up Sports Network, prior to joining forces with fellow GCU Broadcaster, Kyle Borg, for Bleav In GCU. Jack and Kyle currently commentate together for GCU-TV, Grand Canyon’s #1 Live Streaming Service.

Originally hailing from Frederick, Maryland, Kyle Borg is a current student of the Colangelo School of Business at Grand Canyon University pursuing a degree in Sports Management. Kyle has strong love and passion for all things sports and especially GCU and college athletics. He is also currently a broadcaster for the soccer!