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Find out how to break through barriers, real or perceived. Get on your way to winning in business and life with the proper mindset and strategy as host Kirsten Fraklin talks with women experts in their field!

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Holly Duckworth Mindfulness Leadership Expert

Coach Kirsten speaks with internationally renowned mindfulness expert, Holly Duckworth.  She has won multiple awards and has written several books on mindful leadership. Holly is the host of The Everyday Mindfulness Show podcast (  In this episode, you can find her discussing a myriad of topics including her 7 Aspects of Mindfulness.   You can … Continued

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Introducing Girl on Fire

Welcome to Girl on Fire! The show where you will learn all things mindset and strategy so you can break through barriers, real or perceived, on your way to winning in business and life.  You will hear from experts in their field and the host, Kirsten Franklin who is known for her expertise in helping … Continued

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Kirsten Franklin