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Bleav in Latinx Influencers

Latinx Influencers is a podcast based on all the Latino and Latina influencers and celebrities. We are going to be talking about trends within your favorite latinos and the impact they have in our communities.

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Top Chismes Of The Week!

The week barely began and we already have chimes to talk about. Chiquis Rivera posted a video with a black eye. Is there Selena and Hailey drama? And you won’t believe with Latinas made the cast of Bad Boys For Life. One of them talks about her experience sharing the big screen with Will Smith. Interview References:       

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Yesenia Garcia

Yesenia de Garcia is a boss mom and a go-getter! Open to any and all ideas, she loves talking to people, specially if there’s a glass of wine or two involved. With a passion for storytelling, she’s wherever there’s a story to be told and involved with her community. She aims to celebrate those who also try to make a difference and bring a positive impact in today’s world.