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Bleav in LSU Football with Booty & Baribeau

Former LSU & NFL QB, and Miami Marlins 3rd baseman, two sport star Josh Booty, and Heisman voting host extraordinaire Rachel Baribeau, bring their incredible sports acumen to LSU Football. Listen in as they bring the inside info and access to the biggest stories, games, and players.


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Josh Booty

Coming out of Shreveport Louisiana, Josh Booty was THE two sport star. Josh was simultaneously the #1 overall QB prospect and the #1 prospect of the Florida Marlins. The 5th pick in the MLB draft at 3rd base, Booty would go on to win a World Series with the Marlins. Currently, the Marlins still own his rights. After leaving MLB, Josh returned to the Nick Saban led LSU Tigers to play with his brother and start at QB, leading them to a Peach Bowl victory. Following the seasons, Josh caught the eye of Seattle Seahawks and was taken in the 6th round, spending 4 seasons in the NFL Seahawks, Browns, and Raiders. Returning to cover his alma mater, Josh brings incredible insight few can match to the Bleav Podcast Network. 

Rachel Baribeau is a Heisman voter and was the first female host on SiriusXM collegiate channels. She is also the only known female sportscaster to fully participate in a semi-professional training camp to learn the game of football on a deeper level. Baribeau is also the exclusive insider for the College Football Playoff and has been since it’s inception.