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Bleav in Ms. Money Moves

Are you trying to get your financial sh*t together, but don't know where to begin? Maybe you're sick of getting abstract financial advice from old men. You’re definitely tired of getting yelled at for buying iced coffee or avocado toast. Host Megumi Smisson is, too. Join her as she starts making money moves to get simple, fun, and actually applicable tips that will make managing your money less scary and less confusing!

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Talk Money To Me

Join host Megumi Smisson as she talks about money and begins her journey towards financial freedom. In this episode, she discusses the most important (and often most overlooked) part of taking control of your finances: talking about money. Learn how to get control of your money so you have a better understanding of your financial … Continued

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Megumi Smisson

Originally from Tokyo, Japan, Megumi Smisson is a current Angeleno who has previously lived in New York and San Francisco. After graduating from New York University, she worked in entertainment marketing before pursuing a career as an actor. After getting some TV, commercial, and hosting experience under her belt along with years of waiting tables, Megumi returned to the corporate world as an international marketing professional. Throughout her multicultural upbringing, corporate experience, and creative endeavors, Megumi has learned above all else the importance of financial knowledge for anyone all across the world.