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Ashleigh Ignelzi

Emmy award-winning anchor, reporter, host and writer Ashleigh Ignelzi has covered some of the biggest sports for the biggest media networks in the world. But after Seeing the rigors of professional sports and the resounding effects nutrition brought to the life of an athlete, Ashleigh returned to university where she received her certification from Cornell University, as a Plant Based Nutritionist and began working with athletes to implement healthier nutritional components to achieve optimal performance. After years of crafting in her own kitchen, Get your Vibes was born. Ashleigh, relocated to her business to Los Angeles and eventually partnering with Dr. Glenn Vallecillos – Center for Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery in Beverly Hills as the Health and Wellness Director, and specializes in building ‘Get Your Vibes’ nutritional regimens, plant based supplements, snacks and implementing holistic wellness remedies allowing everybody to live their best life. She currently has clients playing in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLS.