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Bleav in the Cable Boys

As children, Justin & Mike watched a lot of inappropriate movies. Now they’ve started a podcast to discuss those filthy, naughty, violent, and totally fun flicks!

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Justin Abarca, Kevin Manwarren, Mike Postalakis

Born out of the now defunct Westwood, CA theater, Ultimate Improv, The Dickheads have been performing their unique brand of comedy together for over a decade. After cutting their teeth as the head writers of an internet talk show, The Dickheads decided to step in front of the camera (and on stage) and created a series of sketches that garnered them a slew of accolades (sketch champs at the iO West festival, a profile in Girls Gone Wild magazine…for real). Soon after they found themselves in development hell with a sketch pilot that ultimately went nowhere.

Then they broke up.

After a few years of doing their own thing, the boys reconvened to shoot more material, that received even more attention – including the viral hit Ted’s Trophies – but after taking a bunch of meetings around LA…they once again broke up.

Now they are back, for a third time, with their newest venture, a podcast about movies called The Cable Boys exclusively on the Bleav Podcast Network. Plus, there’s been talk of shooting new sketches. The future awaits.