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Bleav in Tiger Woods with Cam Rogers

Listen in as Cam Rogers follows Tigers Woods on the tour.


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Episode 24: Dr. Jonathan Gelber

Dr. Jonathan Gelber, author of Tiger Woods’ Back and Tommy John’s Elbow: Injuries and Tragedies That Transformed Careers, Sports and Society, joins Cam Rogers on The Tiger Woods Podcast! Jonathan talks about the premise of his book, what Tiger Woods goes through every single day, what he would tell Tiger about his 2020 PGA Tour season … Continued

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Cam Rogers

Cam Rogers is an on-air personality, host and Tiger Woods expert. From referencing Tiger Woods in his high school class president election speech to interviewing him at the young age of 21, Cam has been firmly in Tiger’s corner, studying his incredible impact on golf. Every golf product of Cam’s is head-to-toe Nike. You’ve heard Cam on ESPN Radio, NFL Network and The FNTSY Sports Network.