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#20 – Hillary Wright

Hillary Wright is an NYC-based 500 E-RYT international yoga and meditation instructor and the Director of Continuing Education at Y7 Studio. With 10+ years of experience, Hillary has taught over 50,000 students, has led classes and trainings in seven different countries, has certified 250+ yoga instructors and is the creator and leader of Y7 Studio‚Äôs … Continued

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#19 – Kate Van Horn

Kate Van Horn is a Los Angeles based yoga instructor, eating disorder survivor, and lifestyle influencer on a mission to foster community and share wellness practices to heal past wounds and trauma with women. Born and raised in Philadelphia, and recently transplanted to the west coast, Kate is working to help women reclaim their strength … Continued

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Side Crow with Alexandria Crow #3

On this episode, we talk about: Do adjustments make someone feel that they are doing something “wrong”?///Yoga and Cultural Appropriation///When Rage Against the Machine Becomes the Machine///Diversity and Inclusivity in Yoga///Social Media, Behavior in the Virtual World, and how it does or doesn’t translate into the Real World         Please subscribe, rate … Continued

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Andrew Gordon

From radio host, to yoga studio owner, Andrew Gordon ties together both worlds for Bleav In Yoga. Andrew has interviewed some of the biggest celebrities including Will Smith, to figures in yoga-like modern day guru, Anand Merhotra. Whether you practice and/or teach yoga doesn’t matter. Bleav In Yoga offers compelling content that is both human and yoga-centric.