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#8 – Adell Bridges

Adell is a world-traveling yoga teacher.  Her background in gymnastics helped with the physical practice.  She used it to help heal injuries from her training as a gymnast.  Eventually, the mindful aspects of yoga helped her make positive changes in her life off of the mat.  Adell has a huge following on instagram @adellbriges with … Continued

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#7 – Antonia Rothschild

Antonia is a world traveling yogi and healer from Sweden.  In her work, she supports people in shifting their vibration, their stories and their lives by clearing their energetic field and helping them see truth. Always in service of the highest good, she uses yoga as a tool to transmute, transcend and ascend, manifesting the … Continued

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#6 – Sarah Girard

Born and raised in Venice Beach, California, and after traveling around the world, Sarah now lives in Brooklyn, New York.  Being a cancer survivor, artist and food lover she incorporates resiliency, courage and humor in her on-going group, corporate and private classes.  During the past two decades, Sarah has studied with Bryan Kest, Annie Carpenter, Maty Ezraty, Leslie Kaminoff and Nikki Costello having accumulated over … Continued

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Andrew Gordon

From radio host, to yoga studio owner, Andrew Gordon ties together both worlds for Bleav In Yoga. Andrew has interviewed some of the biggest celebrities including Will Smith, to figures in yoga-like modern day guru, Anand Merhotra. Whether you practice and/or teach yoga doesn't matter. Bleav In Yoga offers compelling content that is both human and yoga-centric.