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Here’s The Cold Part

Greetings I am Mike Noble Host of the Podcast “Here’s the Cold Part” Sports content driven on the Dailey and Weekly news of all sports. But here IS the Cold Part we do not just talk about what you see and hear on mainstream media we get real and tell it like it is from the true view point of the fans without a voice. There are things that cannot be said by others on TV and Radio because they will get fired for expressing sometimes the truth sometimes not the truth. In our LA studios, we bring the real voice of the people and the streets to your ears. Things you may think but cannot say, particular topics, touchy topics, topics involving women and athletes, money, and if it's HOT we cover it and we dig deep. But join us from a variety of guests, bookies, gamblers, ex-athletes, coaches, referees, behind the scene production workers, Athlete Groupies … what - yes and much more so now you understand right? I am the host Mike Noble and I am Caucasian, Seasoned since the 60s - my co-host Rodney and Lowell brothers born and raised in CA - family men - athletes and sports enthusiasts who bring their own personal life and sports forged knowledge to the show - you understand right? I know you do … Here is the Cold Part - years in the making of brotherhood.

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