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Second Act

"Everything was going great... right up until the moment that it wasn't." Bonnie Somerville achieved great success quickly and with relative ease as an international model, singer/songwriter/recording artist, and most notably, an actress who found herself working non-stop, including on a few of the biggest shows in TV history. For years, she was living the dream. But after a few setbacks, both professionally and personally, she found herself having to start over. She had to find her Second Act. It's that ongoing journey that led her to this podcast. Here on Second Act, Bonnie will talk with amazing people from all walks of life: actors, musicians, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, directors, business leaders, athletes, and more – all of whom, after hitting their own obstacles, challenges, or tragedies, have gone on to achieve incredible Second Acts. Funny, honest, open, inspiring, occasionally shocking, and always entertaining, join Bonnie to hear these amazing stories from the people who lived them. If you've ever found yourself in need of finding your own personal Second Act, this is the podcast for you. Follow Bonnie: Instagram: @BonzSomerville Twitter: @BonSomerville Follow Second Act with Bonnie Somerville: Instagram: @SecondAct_Pod Twitter: @SecondAct_Pod

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