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The Art of Awesome

Welcome to the Art of Awesome, where we dive deep into uncovering the the difference between the average and the awesome. We interview thought leaders, top business minds, health and fitness professionals, and world class athletes as we hope to inspire you to achieve awesome results in your everyday life.

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Nick Troutman

Nick Troutman is a World Champion whitewater kayaker, professional athlete, TV show host, podcaster, entrepreneur, family man, and addict of adventure. In his search for adventure he has traveled the world and experienced many cultures and different ways of life. Nick started his podcast ‘The Art of Awesome’ to be able to gain insight from peak performers and share the difference between the average and the awesome with their decades of experience and knowledge. Nick also shares his positive outlook on life and action steps with his guests and listeners. If you are interested in adventure, success, entrepreneurship, or peak performance, then you’ll most definitely want to join Nick Troutman for a listen on the Art of Awesome.