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For so many people, everyday starts and stops with a walk up and down The Stoop. The Stoop is a gathering spot. It’s where elders tell stories of days past and younger generations soak up all that knowledge. The Stoop Hoops Family welcomes real basketball fans who have been longing for authenticity. No fillers, just real conversations with their favorite athletes. The true essence of The Stoop; you sit down and chop it up. Regardless of opinion, everyone is family. Whether it's the city or the corn fields, from Brooklyn to Cali, The Stoop is home, and you can always be yourself at home! On The Stoop, we pride ourselves in making our guests feel welcome while getting their honest opinions about the game and the we love. Our authentic voice is undeniable. That's what truly makes The Stoop special. So please, pull up a seat and join us for a conversation about the game, it’s culture and where it all started. See you on The Stoop!

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T.J. Baker & Kevin Philpotts