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You’re Doing a Good Job

Welcome to You're Doing A Good Job - A Podcast About How To Succeed And Not Lose Yourself In The Process. I once heard someone say that life is a web of trials and temptations, but only one of them can ever be fatal, and that is the temptation to think that by further, better and more aggressive living that we can find life. I can’t help but to think that has been the approach for so many of us, myself included, and while our ‘further, better, and more aggressive living might have served us well for a time, we’re now tired and left asking, what now? And that is why I'm so excited about this podcast where my guests and I will dive deep into brave conversations in hopes to answer some of the bigger life questions. Questions like: How do we reach for success, but not lose ourselves in the process? How do we cultivate the space in our hearts and in our lives so that we can begin to heal? How do we foster more meaningful relationships in our lives—the relationship with ourselves and with others? How do we balance the striving to make our life happen with the trust that life is already happening for us and we just have to learn to let go? And lastly, we will explore how we can begin to live more emotionally aware, present and connected lives. It is my core belief that when we are more emotionally aware, present, and connected, we unlock our lives. And that is why I’m so excite to create this space and to have these conversations that help us explore and navigate a new way of life—a way of life where moving forward isn’t always about doing more, but learning how to resist less.

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