Episode 1: The Opening Line


Episode 1: The Opening Line
Bleav in The Opening Line with Etha...

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Ethan Rose and Xander Horwitz

Ethan Rose is a graduate from the University of Dayton and based in sunny Santa Monica California. Originally from the Midwest, his bias runs heavy for the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Cubs.  With years of athletic and gambling expertise, Ethans passion is leading the everyday fan to their sports betting glory.
Xander Horwitz is a former stand out pitcher for Illinois Wesleyan University. He uses his pitching acumen, as well as high school football prowess, to dominate fantasy sports. He started his podcasting career in 2014 for Libertytalk.fm appearing on a segment of his fathers sports show, “The Sporting Edge.” After a few years, he took over the show and partnered up with his good friend, Ethan Rosenzweig, and they are still a duo.