SINGLE POINTED FOCUS #2 – 12 Riches Of Life

I loveee Napolean Hill’s, “Think And Grow Rich”.  It’s a classic and everyone should read it.  In the book, he breaks down the 12 Riches of Life.  I turned... See More


SINGLE POINTED FOCUS #2 – 12 Riches Of Life
Bleav in Yoga with Andrew Gordon

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I loveee Napolean Hill’s, “Think And Grow Rich”.  It’s a classic and everyone should read it.  In the book, he breaks down the 12 Riches of Life.  I turned them into a little diddy and hope you enjoy it!  I posted my lyrics below, and the dope instrumental is from

I wanna talk about the 12 riches of life

/From Napoleon Hill who made this very tight

The first one we gotta touch on is PMA

/A positive Mental Attitude throughout the day

And how it’s really important to watch what you say

/Observe the space between your ears

 And mold it like clay

On to number 2 and sound physical health/

You can have all the money  

And still have no wealth

Take care of your body

/Make sure that it’s fine

/Meditate, do yoga, and try to be kind

To yourself and others and you just might find

/Harmony in human relationships

Number 3 in Napolean’s riches of life

/Harmony in human relationships is nice

So come from your heart and move with the love

/It’s a sure way to connect with the light from above

When we are free from fear, the light draws near

/Right to the core let me make myself clear

That was number 4 that flew by right here

/Freedom from fear number 4 on the list

I said it twice to make you sure you didn’t miss

/That Number 5 is described as fuel for the spirit

The hope of achievement set goals and draw near them

/If we don’t have hope we don’t have life

It’s the oxygen we need to help us survive

/And for that you need faith and the capacity to hold it

So let go and trust and know that you own it/

That was number 6 now it’s time for number 7

A willingness for you to share all of your blessings/

Lift others up and when you get be sure to give

Volunteer lend a hand and take initiative

/In your labor of love which is at number 8

Passion Purpose Pursue it, and you’ll be great

/Waking up everyday full of fire and life

Flowing in a flow state feels so very flowy and nice

/And now we move on to number 9

When it comes to all subjects, have an open mind/

Closed off and combative is the wrong way to be

You’ll be filled with a lot of negativity

/Takes self discipline to do this time and again

Oh and self discipline is at number 10

/You can’t be off the rails and expect to stay on track

Takes lots of focus and hard work to be exact

/And that’s the one thing that a lot of people lack

Let go of the excuses and pick up your sad sack

/Move on with your journey and try new things

Talk to new people and spread your wings/

On to number eleven and this is what it brings

The capacity to understand all people/

Realize we all bleed red, and that we’re all equal

In rights, In respect, and that technique will

/Move you on forward to the end of the list

12 riches from Napoleon in case you missed

/And now its time for the last one to fire

Economic Security is what we all desire

/But it means nothing without the first 11

So follow them wisely in proper succession

/And you can walk the walk and talk the talk of this lesson, lesson, lesson, the end.



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