An In Depth Look, Sports Media Ratings 101 with Adam Seaborn In The Pressrow

Before we can discuss the current state of radio and tv ratings we have to start with a look at the strategy behind advertising on radio, and sports radio to be specific, and then at how ratings typically work. Adam Seaborn has been both a seller and a buyer of sports media in Canada and he walks Jonah through the process and the thinking. They talk about the market, the players, the technology, and where things stand right now in during COVID world as people start to come back to work. Most interestingly what would Adam do if he were running an all sports media company right now with their audio content.

Where to Listen

An in-depth historical look at the rating system in Canada, where it is now, and where it is going with Adam Seaborn. Adam has been a media seller for Bell (TSN) and a buyer. While he is no longer in the media sales “game” he is well suited to talk about the players, the system, and what goes on inside.  This is the first look, focusing on radio and listening.