Leah Hextall The New Voice Of ESPN NHL Hockey In The Pressrow

The new voice of the NHL on ESPN, Leah Hextall on the crazy ride that has led her to ESPN, being the flower girl at Ron Hextall's wedding and more!

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You can call Leah Hextall a lot of things, but lazy is not one of them. Determined to make a career in broadcasting, Leah has constantly rolled up her sleeves, worked hard in pursuit of her dream. While she found success along the way, it was setbacks that set the stage for the climb to the next rung in her amazing journey. From Brandon Manitoba to Boston and Toronto (with stops along the way) she aids her dues in each job that she took. However, it was the cutback from Sportsnet that lead her to consider life in the play-by-play booth.

Calling junior games on nights and weekends for free, she followed the advice of Doc Emrick and simply called games wherever she could. Where did that lead? Leah became the first woman to call an NCAA championship game and then the first woman to call an NHL game!

Most recently, she was named as one of the new voices of the NHL on ESPN.


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