TV Writer Leonard Dick Joins Jonah in The Pressrow

Leonard Dick, a renowned TV writer and producer boasts an impressive career in the entertainment industry. His exceptional talent has been recognized with numerous Emmy Awards for his highly acclaimed shows, including "The Good Wife," "House," and "Lost." Leonard embarked on his journey in Hollywood, initially working as a finance executive at Walt Disney Studios, following his graduation from Harvard University.

Where to Listen

Born in Toronto, Canada, Leonard Dick began his educational journey at Upper Canada College. His leadership skills and exceptional abilities led to his election as the Head of Howard’s House and later earned him a position on the Board of Stewards. With a desire to pursue a career in the creative realm of the entertainment industry, Dick set his sights on Harvard University, where he furthered his education and obtained his college degree. It was during his time at Harvard that Leonard Dick recognized his passion for working in a field that allowed him to express his creativity within the world of entertainment.

In this episode of The Press Row, Jonah talks with Leonard about:

  • Getting into TV
  •  “Lost”
  • The Process of Filming a tv show
  • The Plan For “Lost”
  • What does a TV Producer Do?
  • “House”
  • “The Good Wife”
  • The Current Writers Strike

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