Maverick, Blue Jays, The Sopranos, Adnan Virk In The Pressrow

MLB and NHL guru Adnan Virk joins Jonah Sigel In The Pressrow talking about his passions, Canada, streaming TV, The Sopranos the latest Top Gun Maverick movie, streaming TV and movies, the changes still to come in MLB, who the Blue Jays need to sign and when and more

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Why are people so angry on social media/the angry media?

Did The Sopranos movie suck? Is it okay to admit that?

Does the MLB season start too early?

Was the latest MLB deal step one, or does more need to come?

Is banning the shift a good idea?

What can be done to speed up the game?

Are specialty pitchers ruining the game?

Can the Blue Jays sign all their young talent, and should they?

Maverick vs. Top Gun

WSJ podcast on how Hollywood edits to the foreign market (WSJ link is here: )

What’s currently binge-worthy right now?

How to avoid the latest on Better Call Saul when your are not current

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