NBA Hall Of Fame Fan Nav Bhatia Joins Jonah Sigel In The Pressrow

Tune in to hear Toronto Raptors Hall Of Fame Fan Nav Bhatia discuss becoming The SuperFan, the current state of the Raptors, Masai Ujiri, and Kyle Lowry's fate along with who are his all-time favorite players on both the Raptors and league-wide.

Where to Listen

Toronto Raptors superfan Nav Bhatia has been immortalized in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. He is officially the first fan to be honored at the Basketball HOF.

In case you were unaware, Bhatia has attended every single Raptors home game since the franchise’s inception in 1995! With the exception of this year when the team was playing in Tampa Bay due to COVID, Bhatia has never missed a home game, and in recent years he started attending road games, especially key playoff games.

In this episode, Nav AKA The Superfan shares a little bit about this career, from arriving in Canada only being able to get a job as a janitor to his current state, owner of 5 dealerships in Ontario Canada. Bhatia explains how he took a flyer on the game of basketball guying two tickets to the new Toronto Raptors to now when he has 13, including his famous 4 right next to the visitor’s bench. “I love to give it to the opposing players, that’s why I sit where I do.”

The transformation to Hall Of Fame Fan is complete with some amazing human interest stories and Bhatia shares the best of them here too.

What does he think will happen to Toronto Raptor President Masai Ujiri when his contract expires this season? Who is the greatest Raptor of all time? Will Kyle Lowry return? What’s the real story behind Vince Carter’s exit from Toronto? Tune in to hear the Toronto Raptors Hall of Fame Fan share his thoughts and opinions on these things and more, in The Pressrow.