Roger’s Sportsnet Executive On The State of The New Sports Media Landscape

Rogers Sportsnet Executive Sam Nasrawi provides unique insighst in to the ongoings at Sportsnet, the growth and sale of the Score, Gambling and NFT's

Where to Listen

An interesting look at the behind-the-scenes at two of the biggest sports media networks, The Score and Roger’s Sportsnet. Sam Nasrawi has been an executive in the Canadian sports media landscape for nearly a quarter of a century and has a very unique look at the marketplace and his experiences helping both brands grow. Topics include:

How The Score did “it” successfully

The changes the team had to undergo pivoting from The Score startup to the monster big company that is Rogers.

The Score Mafia taking over Rogers

What Rogers is trying to be and do to attract younger audiences

Why Rogers would hire someone with no radio experience to lead its Toronto Sports radio station

What are NFT’s and what role has Rogers and Sam played in their explosion on the marketplace

The bet The Score and Rogers are placing on sports betting.