Toronto Star Columnist Kevin Donovan In The Pressrow

Chief Investigative Reporter for The Toronto Star, Kevin Donovan, sits down with Jonah on The Pressrow to discuss his work at the Star, the field of journalism, and past cases he has covered.

Where to Listen

Kevin Donovan began his career at the Toronto Sun as an intern in 1985 and has since built a 38-year career in investigative journalism, currently serving as the Chief Investigative Reporter for The Star. He studied political science at the University of Western, Ontario, but discovered a passion for journalism through his involvement with the school newspaper. 

In 2015, Kevin Donovan was recognized as one of the 50 most influential people in Toronto, ranking at #39. He has also received numerous awards for his work throughout his career.

In this episode of The Pressrow, Jonah talks with Kevin about:

  • Kevin’s start in the journalism world 
  • Getting into investigative journalism 
  • Making relationships with the police to get better stories 
  • The Carlton University story 
  • The pivot in investigative journalism 
  • The Sherman Case 

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