Toronto Sun Columnist Steve Simmons On All Things Toronto Sports In The Pressrow

Steve Simmons In The Pressrow. Pete Walker, Brian Burke, Maple Leafs, Sports Betting, Blue Jays Baseball & Raptors basketball

Where to Listen

For many, no Sunday is complete without a glance at the Toronto Sun, website or physical paper to read the weekly column from Toronto Sun columnist Steve Simmons. Many in the business have quipped that the only thing seeing your name in the column is NOT seeing your name in the column.

In this episode of The Pressrow Steve and Jonah discuss:

The developing story of Blue Jays pitching coach Pete Walker’s arrest for impaired driving
Whether market effects are to blame for the Maple Leafs inability to win
Why Brian Burke got fired
Edward Rogers Jr. as an owner
Gambling in sports and the role the media plays
The upcoming Blue Jays season
The current Raptors season

and much more.