TNT's Jared Greenberg is one of network sports television's top reporters and he joins TheSportsVirus podcast to talk about the state of the Warriors after he covered their win over Dallas on Tuesday. He also addresses NBA trade rumors and gets into a little MVP conversation.

Where to Listen

Jared Greenberg tells us why the Warriors are fun to watch and will still be a force to be reckoned with come playoff time, despite their recent struggles and the absence of Draymond Green. He gives his analysis of what’s going on with the “Splash Brothers” and remarks on other key players on the roster. With the trade deadline approaching, Greenberg sizes up a few rumors and talks about his early MVP front runners. He also tells us how he made it to network television (he first started with NBA-TV over 15 years ago) from humble beginnings that included a stint with an independent minor league baseball team.