200 (!): Dead Internet Theory and the Great DYR Siesta

Episode 200: Dead Internet Theory and the beginning of the DYR Siesta

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Well ladies and germs, the day hath cometh. We are officially at our 200th episode, and like any great time-based achievement, we relish in our past while reflecting on our increasingly deflating future. So to celebrate, we go full Ranch Dressing Studios energy and discuss a bunch of semi-related Internet things, eventually landing on a concept we've been thinking a lot about called the Dead Internet Theory, which basically suggests that all of us are constantly manipulated by bots, none of us really have control over our own thoughts, and the Internet is tool of mass-control that we've all bought into. It's a sick theory that's probably not true, but also maybe it is.

And because of all this, we've decided to take a hiatus too. We're all super busy, so we want to just think a bit about how we're going to do the next 200, and the 200 after that, and 200 after that. Maybe we won't come back. Maybe we will come back super soon. Maybe we'll option off the podcast to the Marvel universe. Either way, it's been a good ride. Seeya on the other side - Harambe says 'sup?'.

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