Malibu realtor dubbed “Angriest Man in Surfing” details wild struggle as enforcer at world’s most crowded wave, “People think I’m crazy but I’m trying to regulate a crowd of f$#king idiots!”

After a video of him smashing another surfer's board following an entanglement goes viral on TikTok, Malibu realtor Andy Lyon explains life as an enforcer at one of the world's most crowded waves.

Where to Listen

Today’s guest Andy Lyon is the Malibu realtor and First Point surfer of fifty years who achieved a considerable notoriety recently when he threw a rock into another man’s surfboard following an entanglement, the video of the event going viral. 

He lost his job, had his address published and a beat down was suggested his four year old kid Glider. 

Lyon represents a vanishing era where lineups were harshly policed with a clearly defined pecking order, a limpid simplicity greased with the underlying threat of violence. 

The highlight, for me, of this interview is our guest’s reply to the posit that Malibu is a sissy wave for old men and girls, not sissy old men who beat up on girls.