Andy Kindler + J. Elvis Weinstein – Cancel Check-In

Where to Listen

How great it was to talk with and listen to Andy & Josh! We thought spiraled around cancel culture and a comedian’s job to deal with whatever is going on and find a way in. Andy talks about noticing that when he gets reactive and angry about something he tries to go back and look at himself. Josh mentioned that his contempt for humanity has gone from simmering to more of a burning. And Jennifer talks about the ability to feel emotions and have a two way dialogue, breathe and tell yourself and your brain that there is no immediate danger. And there’s a lot more. But why read about it, when you can listen to it during your morning walk, or when you use a curling iron. Something I never have to face. Listen to Andy & Josh’s podcast “Thought Spiral” It’s funny and real, nothing better. And find all of Jennifer’s books, skills, podcasts and services for kiids, parents, families here at and look for the good.