So great meeting Dave! He takes us on an adventure that begins with doing a story for Esquire where he spent a week at a private island owned by a biotech billionaire. And how do you follow that? By talking honestly about being diagnosed and learning to deal with ADHD. And as a kid growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, he’d get messages from teachers about not living up to his potential. The overall solution was “don’t be like that.” And the road from that place to where he is now, has many steps. Now it’s prioritizing self care, nutrition, exercise, sleep etc. And that there are days when it is difficult to focus, and on those days there are other creative ways to deal. And not every day is a great day. Jennifer talks about how the brain works, and why drugs that stimulate the brain can work because they make the frontal lobe do it’s job of prioritizing and reasoning. What I like about this epsiode is that Dave is being honest and open about how he relates to himself. Being aware, liking yourself and taking care, prioritizing these things and focusing on the inside. Find Dave here @daveholmes and get his memoir here, Find all of Jennifer’s amazing work here: Focus on myself a little bit more this week and how to help others, try to get my hair back, listen if you want, and let’s meet back here.