Mindy Sterling & Cathy Ladman – Pre-Oscar Self Care Party

Where to Listen

The Cathy & Mindy Show! Two of the absolute great talented and interesting people in comedy join Jennifer and I to talk about dealing with rejection, disappointment and self care in this Pre-Oscar Extravaganza. From mental health movies like ordinary people, to Mindy’s ritual of giving herself a cookie after an audition and Cathy quoting the Dalai Lama about the idea that not getting what you want can be a gift (I need to do some regifting) but so true. Mindy also talks a bit about how she teaches improv and helps people to appreciate themselves for what they do in class. By the way, my family actually went to see Ordinary People as a family. I guess Death of A Salesman was sold out. Jennifer shares the importance of being aware of old programs, just noticing when you feel these deep feelings that come with rejection or disappointment is that we’re running old programs from childhood, just noticing that. And to go towards and not away from simply feeling what’s coming up, putting your own hand on your heart or stomach and feel it. Feelings are information. If it’s rejection or disappointment or rejection, go toward the feeling. There is widom in our bodies, this is why people put their hand to their forehead when trying to concentrate, or to their heart when they are moved, sending energy to those areas. Find Mindy here: @mindyster and Cathy here: https://www.cathyladman.com/ and Jennifer’s amazing work here: https://connectedparenting.com/ thanks for listening and it’s an honor just being nominated.