Sarah Taylor – Optimystical

Where to Listen

Listening to Sarah is like taking one giant leap for Mindkind. She blends comedy meditation and mysticism, totally unique. And all that happoens in this episode. Also, we explore silliness, how the mind works and how we can always bring ourselves back to the present. The present is a gift, that’s why they call it a present. Am I alone here, who’s with me? Hello, good afternoon. And right in the middle, Sarah leads a short 2 minute meditation. It’s a real pleasure and her voice is clear as a bell. She works as a comic and actress, a meditation teacher who has taught many, including comics. Jennifer brings up a spiritual expexpnce she had a long time ago, and one of the things that Sarah works with , is these kinds of experiences people have, but don’t understand. And I share my unique gift of meditating after a triple latte. Find out about all of Sarah’s amazing wiork here: and all of Jennifer’s services , classes and media here: