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A husband and wife team share with you everything faith and fitness. Focused on helping those who are new to fitness and who are ready to see lasting transformation reach their goals and discover their purpose. Muscles and Medicine episodes range from fitness and health tips, too interviews with fitness and health professionals who share a passion for helping others reach their full physical and spiritual potential.

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Marrin and Tunisia Ellis

Marrin and Tunisia both have a passion for fitness and health as well as helping others achieve their health and wellness goals. Marrin, a former collegiate football and track athlete, now personal trainer/transformation coach has combined his experiences with his Biology degree, discovered his passion for helping people transform and perform. Tunisia has served as a Nurse / Nurse Practitioner for 15+ years. She is focused on helping her patients achieve better health and overall wellness. With a combined passion for God and faith, we aim to help people transform their lives physically while strengthening their faith.