Impact Athletes #2 – Scaling Impact in Golf and FSC with Aubrey McCormick

Aubrey McCormick is a former pro golfer who wrote the first sustainability report in golf, and successfully transitioned into a purpose-driven career at the Forest Stewardship Council where she works with major brands like Patagonia, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Where to Listen

Aubrey McCormick is the regional manager of the West at the Forest Stewardship Council, she is the CEO and Co-Founder at Black Sheep Design (building and designing sustainable homes), and she is also a former professional golfer who wrote the first CSR report in golf helping to drive social and environmental impact in the sport. 

I’m excited to speak with Aubrey for a number of reasons. She did for golf what I am working to in beach volleyball and she has worked on many of the same ideas and questions that I am currently working on. 

  • How can athletes learn about the issues they care about and use their platforms in sport to scale social and environmental impact?
  • How can athletes gain experience, useful skill sets, and build their network to eventually transition into a purpose-driven career that aligns with their values?

In our conversation we talk about how she worked with stakeholders across the golf community on the first CSR report, some of the obstacles she faced and lessons she learned, and how she used her experience as an athlete in her work at FSC to work with major brands like Patagonia, Amazon, and Microsoft to scale sustainable forestry. We also talk about, a new online marketplace for FSC certified products, and the impact that consumers can have by shopping for sustainable forestry products that are certified by FSC. 

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