Upcycling Fruits and Vegetables into Climate Candy with FAVES Founder Amy Keller

Amy Keller, Founder of Pure Plus+ and FAVES, shares how she used her experience as a 7x Ironman athlete and work in climate change to create the first climate candy from imperfect fruits and vegetables.

Where to Listen

Amy Keller is the founder of Pure Plus and the climate candy FAVES. Amy has worked in politics, the nonprofit sector, startups, and she is also a 7x Ironman. Her family also owns the Spangler Candy Company known for nostalgic candy-like Dum-Dum lollipops.

In our conversation, we explore how Paul Hawken’s book Drawdown helped her connect her family’s background in candy, with her experience as an ironman athlete, and led to the novel idea of FAVES and making candy into a climate solution. FAVES is made from upcycled whole fruits and vegetables, which helps reduce food waste and greenhouse gas emissions, helps farmers sell more of their crops, and helps people live healthier lives with each pack delivering one whole serving of fruits and vegetables.