Grading The 2022 Miami Dolphins Draft

The boys return! Chris is back from his Rugby excursions and Sam has made his way back from Las Vegas to talk about the MIAMI DOLPHINS DRAFT

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Sam and Chris return to discuss the NFL Draft. How did The Miami Dolphins do? Did they get great value with eahc pick? Or did they miss the boat completely? Plus, Sam details the other parts of his trip in great detail, including his discussion with Senior VPs in the NFL, DEEBO SAMUEL, Charles Woodson and more. Oh, and Sam did the most Sam thing ever and missed out on a once in a lifetime opportunity in the 7th round of the draft. Oh well!

Plus…is Tua playing golf a big deal? How about Connor Williams playing Center? Sam and Chris discuss on this very special episode of Perfectville, brought to you by Bet Online and Auto Approve!