The Very Best of Our Very Worst

Sam and Chris have been doing this show for over 6 years. And in that time, they have made some incredible takes. They have also made some pretty outlandish mistakes, as well. We take a trip down memory lane and celebrate the very best of their very worst. Reminding you all that no one is perfect...even in the town of Perfectville, we occasionally get it wrong. From banking on Adam Gase being THE coach, to suggesting that Lamar Miller was worth more to The Dolphins than Cam Wake, and everything in between, the boys cashed some checks that they couldn't afford, and it is time to furnish those receipts!

Where to Listen

The Town of Perfectville takes a strol down memory lane and re-opens some old wounds as we crack open the vault on our first 20 episodes ever, and take a look at some of the awful opinions, bad reactions and downright stupid predictions that our hosts managed to record themselves saying back in 2016. Sam and Chris’s bad take receipts are cashed in on this special clip show!

So sit back, relax and enjoy the very BEST of our very WORST.

Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!