Tua Underthrow-Loa

Sam checks in to explain the absurdity of Dolphins Twitter, and his bold predictions on who will be cut from the team.

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Chris is on assignment so Sam rides solo on this episode. Tua underthrew Tyreek in practice and as a reuslt, war broke out in Eastern Europe, the stock market slid and inflation grew. The worst thing to happen to the world in our lifetime, but somehow, we will manage to survive, I feel. Sam discusses “The Throw” and why maybe, perhaps…Dol-Fans need to settle down.

Speaking of down, Myles Gaskin was pushed further down the depth chart this week with the addition of Sony Michel to the running backs squad. Is last year’s starter in danger of being cut? Sam sharpens his pencil and lets you know where he thinks the Dolphins are going with their running game, as well as his bold predictions on some other names that might be on the chopping block before week  one of the regular season.

Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!