Round 2, Games 2 and 3

The Stars lived up to their reputation as a relentless road team in Game 3. Can they do it again? Wes and Mark discuss it.

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The unstoppable road team met the immoveable home team, and we saw who blinked first. The Dallas Stars copped a big win off the Colorado Avalanche over the weekend, and now, it seems, we’re getting somewhere.

It’s OK, Stars fans, you still have time to panic. But Wes Lawrence and Mark Zimmerman took a long look at a game the Avs were supposed to win, on paper…and they liked what they saw. No, really. In this edition, they look at how the Victory Green Gang righted the ship at home and took away the game Colorado wanted to play in their own barn. And, as always, they have ideas about how to make it continue, because something something Big Hockey Brains.

You already know a big Nate MacKinnon game is coming. The question is, how do you prepare for it? We have answers…because we’re Stargazing After Dark. And now you can, too, thanks to BetOnline.

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