Round 2 Wrap-up

Two battles done, another to come. Wes Lawrence and Mark Zimmerman take an overview of the Dallas Stars at the halfway point.

Where to Listen

The Dallas Stars earned some much-needed rest this week – but here at Stargazing, we never sleep. It’s time to assess what went right (and wrong) in Round 2, and get ready for a really big show in the Western Conference Finals.

In this episode, Wes Lawrence and Mark Zimmerman discuss how Chris Tanev countered Nathan MacKinnon, the art of overtime playoffs line-blending, the importance of the team game to the Stars’ strategy, and what may be their biggest concern going forward. Plus there’s so much more – including a look at what might have happened in a Dallas-Vancouver series that’s been, ahhhh, overtaken by events.

The Stars aren’t facing the Minotaur. They are the Minotaur. Let’s discuss it…while we’re Stargazing After Dark. It’s brought to you by BetOnline.

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