Western Conference Final Preview: Stars vs. Oilers

The Stars' playoffs so far have been a greatest-hits tour. Patrick Phillips of The Oilers Fanatic joins Wes and Mark to talk about the good times.

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It’s turning into A Very Special Throwback Series for the Dallas Stars. They took Western Conference Finals-style revenge on the Vegas Golden Knights. They struck down a longtime foe and legendary rival in the Colorado Avalanche.

And now that the Stars have gone through last year’s Stanley Cup champions and their most lethal sibling in the #MurderDeathKill Division, they begin a battle for the West against the Edmonton Oilers. And if you’re a Stars fan, you know that history even if you weren’t around for it.

For a preview worthy of this event, we invited Patrick Phillips, better known on YouTube as The Oilers Fanatic. He sat down with Wes Lawrence and Mark Zimmerman to share memories of series past and to talk about what makes the present so unpredictable. They also got to the usual stuff, like McDavid & Draisaitl Vs. The World, the Jake Oettinger supremacy, how defense has shaped both squads, and how each of our favorite teams will win and lose.

What was your first experience of being devastated by sports? Let’s talk about it. We’re Stargazing in the morning! And, as always, it’s brought to you by our buddies at BetOnline.

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