This week on Superlative our host Ariel Adams is joined by Danny Goldsmith, owner of the luxury watch boutique "Goldsmith and Complications", brought to you by aBlogtoWatch.

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This is Superlative: A Podcast about watches, the people behind them, and the worlds that inspire them. This week our host Ariel Adams is joined by Danny Goldsmith, the owner of the luxury watch boutique "Goldsmith and Complications". They start the show talking about when the two met, which was when Danny was working for Waltham Watches as they were trying to develop a new sports watch brand. Danny talks about how social media has changed they way new products are announced by brands and how consumers are able to access information about unreleased products in a way that they never were able to before. They talk about the piece that got Danny into watches, the visceral reaction they can sometimes have to watches, and Ariel asks what are some of the “average” or “unflattering” reasons that someone may have for buying expensive watches? They talk about the smaller independent artisan brands in comparison to larger mainstream luxury companies, Rolex’s availability, and what it is like trying to sell a watch to someone who is only interested in the biggest brands or the “must have watch” at the moment. Ariel asks Danny about his new shop in Florida, what he can generally can provide his customers with brand and products wise, and why someone would want to invest their time with Danny in the pursuit of buying the right piece for them.

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