This week on Superlative our host Ariel Adams is joined by Rosette Hirsch, Director of Sales and Marketing at Plaza Publishing Group, brought to you by aBlogtoWatch.

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This is Superlative: A Podcast about watches, the people behind them, and the worlds that inspire them. This week our host Ariel Adams is joined by the incredibly talented watch photographer and director of sales and marketing at Plaza Publishing Group, Rosette Hirsch. They start the show talking about the SIHH trade show and how Ariel saw Rosette’s prints being displayed at the event, and how the fashion-centric photos still focused on the watches in the picture. They talk about how social media affected the magazine industry (and media in general) and how that affected her photographs and how or where they were displayed. The two talk about the idea of the “influencer” and how that has affected brand marketing and how that has challenged traditional media as well. They begin to talk about the economics of luxury, how the luxury industry is holding up today, and how brands are having to adjust to how people are seeing the purchase of luxury items today. The two talk about and preview Watches & Wonders happening in Geneva in March of 2022, some of the brands that will be there, and what they are expecting from the return of the big show. As they switch gears and dive into watch photography they talk about the team that Rosette had at Plaza Watch, what made them different from other publications, and what is so unique about Rosette’s photography in particular.

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