Tales from the Sweat Shop

13 Episodes

The "Fit Foodie" Llewellyn Christian shares his insight on fitness, health, nutrition, and more.

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S2 Ep5 – Let the Inner Light shine

We are all born with a special light inside of us. That light it what gives you the power to...

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S2 Ep4 – Get your BDE up!

What's popping! What's on your agenda! It's time to get your BDE up!

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S2 Ep3 – Holding Me into Account (Accountability day – Happy Juneteenth!)

Holding Me into Account (Accountability day) and it's your time to take control of the day! LLTFF is all about...

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S2 Ep2 – Today is the Day for You!

`It's time to get up, and get into You! Today is the Day for You, the latest episode of Tales...

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Hosted by

Llewellyn Christian

Llewellyn Christian is an inspirational weight-loss figure that has helped people to lose weight, become healthy and be inspired from his personal weight loss journey resulting in over 140lbs lost in 10 months using bodyweight exercises, changed eating habits, and a focus on personal mental health. His bias for action, high energy, and infectious passion to live the best life ever will inspire you to get up, and change your life for good!


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• Website: www.llewellynthefitfoodie.com