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Welcome to Talking ‘Ship, a non-fictional podcast about TV's best (...and worst) fictional relationships. Each season we will discuss the extended flirtations, frustrating miscommunications, banter, break-ups, red flags and red letters of television couples. Why do we love them together? How did they mess it up? And most importantly… what can these fictional romances teach us about our non-fictional lives? We’re gonna get into it. How do you get out of a Luke Danes friend-zone? Was Jim a jerk when he started dating Karen? Did Fitz deserve Olivia? Would you have told your friend to choose Aiden? Maybe even the age old question: were Ross and Rachel on a break? What do we think? Let’s talk 'Ship.

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Megan Fitzgerald

Megan Fitzgerald

Megan is an actor and a human woman with a lot of opinions on television, love, and why people do the things that they do. She’s finally putting all those skills to good use with this podcast. Her†obsession with television romance began in 2005. After being forced to stay home sick from a Girl Scout camping trip, her parents tried to make up for it by introducing her to their current favorite TV show: Alias. Little did they know an addictive personality would rapidly emerge and she promptly tore through the DVD box sets, obsessively tracking Sydney and Vaughn’s romance. Megan can tell you the episode that almost any TV couple first kisses and can tell you the TV shows she watched beginning to end only to learn that two characters NEVER kiss. Check out Talking ‘Ship if you have strong opinions about TV, relationships, or TV relationships, and are looking for a community that shares in that obsession.