Resilience Through Setbacks: Turning Adversity into Growth Opportunities With Gina Jones

The Huddle with Mo and Lo is an upbeat, hilarious, and interactive show where we discuss business and "balls" with former and current athletes. The show gives an inside look at athletes who are in business and when they huddle up, they share their best secrets to help listeners connect and thrive on and off the field, court, pool or wherever they compete! Monica D. Livingston and Lois Cook have competed in professional sports as members of the DC Divas, Women's Professional Tackle Football Team. Monica is an educator, speaker, business owner and Hall of Famer. Lois is an influencer, speaker, host, and creator. When the two pair up, The Huddle creates an electric mix of laughs, inspiration, and motivation.

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“On this episode of The Huddle, we dive deep into Gina Jones’ final mix. Gina shares her thoughts on various topics, starting with her natural ability to take naps and her love for writing fiction. She takes us into her captivating story set in the late 1940s or 1950s, where a young black mother struggles with her son’s speech delay. Gina discusses the challenges of keeping this secret and the fear of her son being sent to an institution. Throughout the episode, Gina confronts the concept of haters and how she uses them as fuel rather than letting them bring her down. She presents six tips for increasing resilience, emphasizing the importance of defining one’s purpose and turning setbacks into opportunities for growth by helping others. We also explore Gina’s conflicted feelings about her favorite holiday, the 4th of July, and her thoughts on America. She acknowledges the country’s strengths while recognizing the need for improvement and the importance of addressing social issues. Gina takes us on a personal journey as she opens up about experiencing a stroke and the challenges she faced during her recovery. She highlights the prevalent issue of keeping personal problems secret within minority communities, touching on the generational passing down of this mindset. Gina praises a book that addresses this and offers hope as an alternative to secrecy. The episode delves into Gina’s workplace harassment and her decision to resign. She discusses the subsequent health issues she faced, questioning whether her stress levels played a role. Despite her struggles, Gina demonstrates resilience, attributing it to self-awareness, mindfulness, and self-care. Gina shares a powerful and emotional incident involving Sean and her inability to communicate due to her stroke. She expresses her frustration and the profound impact it had emotionally. Throughout the episode, Gina’s talent and resilience shine through, and the interviewer expresses admiration for her strength. We gain insights into her stroke recovery process and how it fueled her determination to write a book. Tune in to this episode of The Huddle as Gina Jones takes us on a journey of resilience, self-reflection, and personal growth.”